My 30 Before 30

The bucket list, the deepest desire list, the goal list, the vision board, the what I want to be when I grow up list, whatever you call it, why do we make the list when we are a child then again when we are about to die. Every year I make a new year resolution, however when this idea came upon me from a friend I became intrigued and wanted to make my list immediately. The key to making my list was not how shocking I could make it, but could I really accomplish it in one year. Sure I could have wrote 30 countries before 30, sex fantasies, make a millionaire dollars, Etc but disappointment would have hit me like getting denied on my first kiss, devastating.

Making a list that is accomplish-able in some shape or form is key. Like playing Mario brothers for the first time, you were immediately hooked as soon as you climbed the brick wall and jumped on the pole, slid down and walked to the castle and saw the fireworks blast in the background. I live for Stories and I live for Moments and this is my list, this is my castle, this is my fireworks.

1. Detox that would involve not eating for at least 3 Days
Time to detox this little body; my friends have gone 4-7 days without eating. My goal is 3. From drinking non-stop to eating what I want, when I want. It’s about time I do my body a favor and detox this bad boy.

2. Write/Finish a Book
Many have asked me to write a book on my dating life. Very Complex, Very Exciting, and Very Vulgar, but since I’m still dating I shall save that book for another day. I am going on a limb here and I’ll probably write an adventure children’s book, or the movie script I always wanted to write and turn that into a book. Either way something is being finished. Published or not, something I always wanted to do.

3. Horseback ride on the North Shore
My friend recently did this with his kids and he said it was scenic and could be a special place for a date. Date or no Date, this sounded like something random and fun to do. A great kick back to the movie North Shore.

4. Travel to a Different island and staying at a Hostel Alone
What can I say about this? Sure I have friends on all islands, but sneaking away and staying at a hostel with people from across the country tickles my tummy. You can bet there is going to be a story from this.

5. Sky dive
It’s about time

6. Stair way to Heaven
Always wanted to hike it, and this is the year to do it.

7. Watch a music concert I wouldn’t haven’t gone to
I once went to a Hilary Duff concert. Of course I went with my nieces and after a couple of beers I was kind of getting into it with the girls. I left with my ear drums numb, not from the music but from the kids screaming. With that, you never know what you’ll enjoy unless you open your mind and ears.

8. Watch a broadway show I wouldn’t have considered
Last year I went to my first broadway show. It was a benefit show by the Honolulu broad way babies. They flew in some performers from the mainland but most of the cast were from Hawaii. I went to watch my nieces and I only have one word. WOW.

9. Getting something I wrote published
I have no idea how this is going to happen, however I’m going to put it out there and hopefully some body feels sorry for me and publishes me. Whether it’s an article, book, catalog writings of a sweater, anything.

10. Make a short movie/documentary
I had a dream that I thought would have never come true and it did. I made a movie in 2005, it didn’t win award, in fact it didn’t even make a film festival. However the feeling of someone reading your script is beyond amazing, comes close to sex and surfing. My producer went on a limb and gave me a one and in million shot with my movie and he is now on the mainland, I need to take matters in my own hands now and shoot it myself. I’ll shoot something small with little to no equipment, maybe documenting this list.

11. Watch the Sunrise on the East and watch the Sunset on the West in the Same day.
Self explanatory. I will say this though that watching the sunrise smokes watching the sunset, I have told every visitor, foreigner this. Anyone can watch the sunset, to watch the sunrise; you have to work for it.

12. Go on a Date with a Local Girl
I haven’t gone out on a date with a local girl in about 7 years. And yes this is by choice. Why? I’m in love with different cultures, cities, lifestyles, and everything else that comes with a different kind of girl. I have dated California, Mississippi, Colorado, Russian, German, New York, Brazil, Bulgaria, and other random places I can’t remember. I think it is about time I date a girl that won’t move.

13. Eat Organic for a Week (preferably local produce)
Not the hardest task but here is the catch. Eat at least one fruit and vegetable a day. Ok so that wasn’t the greatest catch, however if you know my diet then you know this is a little hard. I don’t eat fast food, however I do eat a lot of steak, samin, chicken, sushi, and whatever is on sale at Safeway. I would have said eat organic for a month, but I’m not too sure if I could actually afford eating like that for a whole month. So for now one week, one fruit and vegetable a day and preferably local.

14. Volunteer
Do some kind of Volunteer work, hopefully not the usual beach cleanup. I mean I can go to sandys tomorrow with a garbage bag, sure that is great. However I would like to do something that involves seeing people that are helped. Maybe serve food for the homeless or assist with the elder or play with kids with a terminal illness in a hospital.

15. Learn a New Language
Already enrolled in French I in kaimuki adult college and I must say it’s difficult to pronounce the words. With some languages all you have to do is memorize words, in French you have to pronounce them really well or you will be hazed and misunderstood. That’s what my teacher says.

16. To Do a Poetry Slam
Poetry Slam, what can I say? Some things I read or hear on youtube makes me laugh. Not because I’m better than them, but I feel that sometimes they take it to serious. I personally feel that my writing and my poetry is written in a dumbfounded way where a 13 year old could understand and hopefully laugh from the punch lines. Stage Fright might hold me back but I believe putting myself out of my comfort zone, might be healthy for me.

17. Finish the 30-day challenge
I’m not going to say what 30-day challenge I’m doing, but I’ll just say I’m doing it. It has nothing to do with getting in shape, I will say it should help me as a whole.

18. Do a Triathlon
My friend has been begging me to do this forever and I think, wait I believe this is the year I will start training. Swimming is no problem for me, biking is not to hard too, but running and I don’t see eye to eye.

19. Dear Diary
29-30 years old, I will keep a diary. This will include a gratitude section, which every motivational, inspirational, spiritual teacher has thought is to be grateful for things you have. This will hopefully wash away my negative tendencies of seeking perfection from everything, everyone and myself. This will also be interesting to read when I turn 60 and read how I use to think when I was 30. Because when I was 21,25, 26, even last year I was different. Of course this will be for me only.

20. Party at a Gay Bar
I’m 110% Straight. So that’s cleared up, here is where the idea came from. American pie 3, defiantly not the greatest movie; however the dancing scene in the gay bar had me laughing so hard that I was crying. Do I want that moment, maybe? I don’t know what to expect partying at a gay bar. I have been to chico’s with the Hawaiian flight attendant crew which is a gay karaoke bar and to be honest there was more girls than any other karaoke bar I have ever been too. Will another gay place hold the same truth? I doubt it; however I will defiantly be going with a bunch of girls to make sure I’m not kidnapped or anything.

21. Get my Mom on the Oprah Show
The hardest task at hand for sure. I think my mom is amazing and then some. I also watch Oprah almost every day and I think it would be an amazing experience for my mom. I think she deserves a surprise vacation, or make over, or a mom’s day off, or even better being on the Christmas show. I’ll e-mail the producers/oprah every week. They have to respond, right? O yea don’t tell my mom, it’s all surprise if this does really happen!

22. Try to Talk to at Least One Stranger a Day
I’m naturally a shy person, like most people. In order to break this curse called to much thinking and being shy, is to try and say hi and strike a conversation with at least one stranger a day. So I probably won’t be able to do it everyday cause some days I’m stuck at home, however that’s not the point. The point is to put myself out there. I may meet my future wife, or future best friend. You never know.

23. Donate Blood
I hate needles with a vengeance. I held my mom’s hand till I was 18 and later on in life began to hold the nurses hand. What sucks is when the nurse is a guy, so I then need to hold my own hand or squeeze my leg while I look away and almost faint. For others this is not a big task, for me it is. However if my blood can save a life, almost fainting and feeling that long needle in my vein is all worth the pain.

24. Go Shopping with a Girl and do a makeover, from jeans to shirt to shoes to whatever. Then Go Out that Weekend.
I always walked to my own beat. From wearing my superman belt, to my bowling shoes, to my $12 strap shoes from walmart, and to a whole collection of vintage clothes. So why not have a lovely girl who has an eye for fashion to make me over into something I would have never thought to wear. I’m not expecting to walk into a bar and instantly have women thrown themselves on me, but it will be interesting to see the outcome.

25. Land a new boogie board move
Say it, Say it. Len—gen—DARY!! Call it ego, call it infamous. What better way to be in the history books by landing a new move. Yea boogie board is not a huge sport like surfing but we have our fair share of obsessive followers and these are the people will pass down the move and years pass my death, I’ll be the guy who invented that certain move.

26.  Attend a Suicide Prevention Benefit
Since the day my dad passed away, it has shaken my life and others. I always/wanted to help or assist with something that would prevent this to other families. Also I think it would be a healing benefit for myself.

27-30. Open to suggestions and keeping it open for anything special that comes up throughout the year

Whats on your list…?


#3 Giddyup

Something so simple but so hard to do. Back in December or January I bought a groupon for a horseback ride. In fact I bought 2 so I could easily drag a friend or a special date. The next 3-4 months planning this simple little ride became more of a job then actually doing it. From planning it, to the weather, to personal drama/dating, to not being able to contact the Polo Club (Whole another Story on that)

My dear friend Haley was trying to get to Hawaii for the past couple of months so when my friend was able to get her a Buddy pass I told her this would be a perfect time since I had no roommate and not much going on. She said she would surprise her mom for mothers day and it would work out perfectly. Fast forward a week and me and Haley find our selves on the North Shore. After several calls to the Polo club with no return calls we decided to pop in.

Haley being Haley which is pretty much being Hot we were able to, I mean she was able to flirt a private Horsebike Ride with just me and her. Winning! I can honestly say I did not know I was going to be scared shitless of these horses, but I was!! I couldn’t get 5 feet to them without shaking and running away. Haley walked right up to any horse and started to pet them.  So when the instructor asked me to get up, I just did it really quickly so I didn’t need to think about it. After 2 minutes of instructions I would be a Pro. NOT!!!

My horse was sick/retarded/or didn’t like me. He didn’t listen to my commands and kept eating and turning wherever. Our instructor was more intent to tell us that she should be tipped then tell us anything. If it wasn’t for haley i would have been bummed. But she broke ever rule when the lady turned her back from taking pictures, asking to ride faster and doing what ever she wanted. I was die laughing while holding on for dear life. All in All, I had a blast, I just wouldn’t go back there for a ride. I hear the polo matches are amazing but those rides suck balls.

Love you Haley and #3 finally checked!

Me crapping my Pants!!

Haley and I

Haley and I taking pictures, Yea we were suppose to not, but by the end of the ride. Fork It!!

My attempt to meet the world. To some saying I’m shy might come a shocker and to Others might say I can see it.

It amazes me at this day and age we are in a world that doesn’t  say hi or thank you to someone opening the door. They just walts by and don’t even look back. What have this world come too and at the same time my parents would say even harsher things about this day and age. I mean maybe maybe just maybe that girl I held the door for jumped on her twitter account and said “Thank you to cute boy who opened the door for me.” Do we honestly live in this digital age that most conversations happen online. Online Sports, Online Games, Online Dating, Online Shopping, Online Chatting, Online Online Online. How about we go Offline for a second and say hello to our Fellow Stranger.

I did, Did I say hello or start a conversation with a Strange EVERY SINGLE DAY. No. But I did/try everyday when I was out and about. For example today is pouring rain, the only place I went to was safeway to get me some “almost finished being sick food” So I avoided people, to save them from this cold. Any hoot, if we or I can start something to get ourselves more open to people, I think thats Amazing. Of course i’ll have my knife on the side and 911 on speed dial, zing. I kid, I kid. Use your smarts, listen to your guy, have faith in humanity and you’ll meet some amazing people!! I went to Denmark and Sweden, didn’t spend a dime for a room or hostel. Just by meeting strangers :)))

Love, Live, Laugh

19. Dear FW

Dear FW,
Today I made the effort to update my 30 before 30 list. Yes I made a conscious effort to write to you everyday but I failed, but at the same time I felt like I did succeed. At this day age when everything is based on percentages and if “everything” was completed, if it isn’t then you failed. You got 80%, thats ok but thats not 100%. The only thing I can think of when failing, is a marathon/triathlon.  Its the only place you will hear someone say “I finished that X miles in X time and placed dead last” Friend will say “As long as you finished you are a winner in my book” With that being said. I wrote alot but not everyday and to me I feel like I did win the race. So FW take that.

And if anyone can guess what FW stands for, gets a million dollars! or maybe dinner!

A few months back I signed up for a French Class. It wasn’t a credited college class, in fact I don’t think if its even recorded in the books. I didn’t care cause I love hearing the language. In fact for about 4 months, all I did was watch French Films. My Russian friend would pop in from time to time to get our french movies on. From movies like Amelie to hors de prix (which is super funny) I loved them all. I even watched that dam Microsoft commercial a million times cause of that french speaking girl.

Good things sometimes come to a shortly end. I was geared up, had all my books, was attending every class on my own time. Was doing my homework like a good student should and even when the teacher made fun of me, I took it/ate it and smiled and pressed forward. After a couple of weeks, our teacher became ill, so ill that they canceled all the classes. In fact I’m still not to sure if he made it out ok, I really hope he did because he was a character and I loved hearing all his stories. I plan on taking another class soon and hope to see him in the near future 🙂

I might not speak it fluently, however I did make a real effort in trying to cross this one off.  So with that, I consider this one. Crossed off :))

To be honest as much as I love video/film, I believed this was going to be difficult one to scratch off.

10. Make a short movie/documentary

I didn’t make 1 or 2 or even 3 videos. I actually made 12. twelve very hard worked and loved by me and hopefully others of my Europe Trip to Denmark and Sweden. When I first began videoing my adventure, I felt like a douche bag or just another japanese tourist running around like a chicken with out a head taking pictures. But this was different, this was my goal, this was my dream. To one day have my own travel show. To be famous? No. To be Rich? Maybe, but I wouldn’t care if I got paid 6.75. To Travel? Absolutely.

To Travel or Not to Travel, that is not the question. I love Traveling as much as I love women. 2nd I love filming and making videos. With that check out http://www.vimeo.com/RexVs for all the episodes.

When your preplan takes longer then the actual plan…..Just do it!

I decided to pull the trigger instead of trying to plan a perfect week that would involve no dinner dates or dinners with friends. Canceling is easier then planning the future. The irony of life.

Shopping at the farmers market became a delight to walk around and see the different kinds of produce. Also the extra brownie point would be the amount of women that shops at these markets. There are 2 motivations to my success in life, passion and women. When these 2 combined at the same time, everything seems easier.

Day 1

Kahuku corn with oragnic butter
Fresh Greens with mozzeralla olive oil

Chicken soaked with mozzeralla olive oil, hawaiian salt, fresh pepper, fresh thyme
Organic pasta with organic sauce (garlic)
Fresh Bread

The following days would find a challenge of finding Organic things to cook with and use at safeway. However as the days went on, finding that big O for Organic on products became easier. Also the local eggs (Ka lei Eggs) for breakfast became a routine.

Finding Local Moi at foodland was like finding gold for me. I steamed that bad boy in the oven and when I ate it on day 5 it was almost orgasmic.

The last day brought me to Whole foods. After spending time at the farmers market, safeway and foodland. I can now appreciate whole foods in a whole new way (no pun intended). I could pick up almost anything and walk in any aisle to find things to use and eat. Picking up Maui Rib Eye steak was another jack pot. I cooked it with Organic Butter, Hawaiian Salt, Garlic and Fresh Pepper. I grilled it, and ate with small smirk on my face that I actually pulled this week off.

I was not able to eat one vegetable and fruit everyday, however I still find this as a successful week because that fact that I used Organic Olive oil, fresh thyme and everything else that you wouldn’t think of you would use or need like organic pasta for one thing. It was a challenge in itself. Success comes in small steps and this was a big step in the right direction.

I will forever be changed by this experience. I now crave fresh produce and local meats and of course fish. Just finding the right budget and ways to save is the new quest. Saving money at the farmers markets gives me extra money to buy local (eggs and meats)  So it almost evens out. And having a healthy lifestyle is, well to put it simply, is priceless!

#13 Check

P.S. Kahuku Corn and Frsh Moi is a Must!